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From Spectral Data And AI-Powered Robotics, Technology Plays A Role In Sustainability

Jonathan Berte, Robovision's founder and current Chief Visionary Officer, says "Society expects more from agriculture. More mouths to feed but with a lower environmental impact and higher quality and produce yield—yet without prices escalating..."


Founders Circle throwback: Five Entrepreneurship Lessons from Jonathan Berte, CEO of Robovision

As the highlight of the 3rd Founders Circle of 2021, we invited Jonathan Berte, the founder and CEO of Robovision, a Ghent-based company in Belgium. Robovision developed a deep learning platform that makes computer vision projects collaborative...

De Tijd - column (NL)

Chairman of the Board of Directors and Founder of Robovision

- "How hard do we want to fail forward?"

- "Everything used to be simpler, including AI"

- "AI, the noble liar?"

- "More empathy for AI"

- "Artificial Curiosity: a matter of child's play?"

- "Virtual butlers are getting smarter and more discreet"


Jonathan Berte Named “Engineer of the Year” 2019

Robovision’s CEO, Jonathan Berte, was named “Engineer of the Year” recently at a ceremony at De Krook, Ghent by the Alumnivereniging voor de Ingenieurs afgestudeerd aan UGent (AIG) – the Ghent University (UGent) Alumni Association of Engineers...

Vrije Universiteit Brussel

Jonathan Berte - Science Fellow 2021

Berte was keynote speaker at the third edition of the conference series The Beautiful Impact of Mathematics in Society in 2019. His address was appreciated by doctoral students who saw career possibilities in the field. He is in regular contact with the faculty for a possible collaboration with Fablab Brussels.

The University Podcast

#04 'Building Society 2.0' | Jonathan Berte

This month we speak to Jonathan Berte, founder and CEO of Robovision, but most of all a deeply passionate human being on a mission to improve society. We talk about the environment needed to stimulate creativity, leveraging technology to enhance human performance, and learn about his vision of society 2.0...

The 5th Conference

JONATHAN BERTE - conference account

Jonathan Berte is the founder and CEO of Robovision, a Belgian company that specializes in industrializing deep learning.

With an engineering degree in applied physics from the University of Ghent (2002) Jonathan leads a team that has designed an industrially proven pipeline for everything deep learning...

VRT - podcast (NL)

The crystal ball of Jonathan Berte (CEO Robovision): "What makes humans special if AI can mimic our brains?"

"The crystal ball" is a podcast series in which our technology journalist Loutfi Belghmidi meets people who have made technology their profession. Together with them we look into their crystal ball. The third episode focuses on Jonathan Berte...

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